Sharps Disposal


Effective 4/6/2017


**All sharps being returned to this office must be in an appropriately labeled sharps container in order to be accepted**

Sharps will NOT be accepted in juice containers, laundry detergent containers, coffee tins, etc.

To help defray costs and continue this program, we ask for the following fees:

To purchase a new container: $5

To return a container: $10.

Containers are available for purchase in the Somerset Town Nurse’s Office as well as the Swansea Board of Health.


Drop off locations:

 Somerset Town Nurse

115 Wood Street

Somerset, MA 02726

Mon and Tues 7am  - 5pm

Swansea Board of Health

68 Stevens Road

Swansea, MA 02777

M – F 8am – 3pm

Swansea Ambulance Corps

285 Wilbur Avenue

Swansea, MA 02777

M – F 8am – 4pm

Please note - mail-back disposal services range from $25-$80+ per container!


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