Shellfish Permits

All Shellfish permits can be purchased at the Town Clerk's Office.

When purchasing one of the following permits, you will receive the Rules and Regulations booklet or for immediate answers to your questions, please Click the following link for the Shellfish Rules & Regulations:

Shellfish Rules and Regulations

Resident Family/Non-Resident (Swansea)Taxpayer - $50.00  (Residents permit issued to any resident head of the household or Swansea non-resident tax payer-$500 or more annually.  The head of the family shall provide the names of all family members entitled to use said permit).

Senior Citizen Resident (65 and older) - $10.00

(Temporary Physically Incapable Persons permit holders who are, by a Medical Doctors opinion determined to be incapable of harvesting shellfish, may designate a another person to harvest their shellfish).  Doctors notes are good for 3 years.

Commercial Resident - $500.00 (Shall be issued to any resident who has in their possession a valid Commercial Fisherman Permit).

Junior resident - $50.00 (Shall be issued to any resident who has not yet attained the age of eighteen (18) when said resident files in the Town Clerk office a parent or legal guardian must be present for applicant to receive license).  Applicants must possess a valid Commercial Fisherman permit).  

Non-Resident Family - $150.00

Fourteen Day Non-Resident Family - $50.00

For further questions, please visit the Swansea Police website or call Shellfish Warden Telephone Number (508) 509-0787.