Swansea Police Department


 Dept. Phone # (508) 674-8464



The Swansea Police Department is committed to serving our community safely and effectively through this declared COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency.  The following guidelines and restrictions have been put into place to protect our first responders and community members from potential exposure.

  1. EMERGENCIES:  If you have an emergency dial 911.  Officers will respond.  Please answer all questions.  Depending on the type of call you may be asked screening questions about possible virus exposure.
  2.  STATION ACCESS:  The police station will NEVER be closed, but we are asking the community to limit visits to the police station for essential services only or when requested by a police officer.  If in doubt call the station first at 508-674-8464 to see if your issue can be solved over the phone.  
  3. NON-EMERGENCY CALLS:  Dispatchers have been instructed to obtain as much information as possible from callers.  You may be referred to a police officer in the station or you may have to wait for a return phone call.  If the officer determines the complaint or issue can be handled over the phone you may be instructed to provide further details or email the officer with information, photo’s, video’s etc. 
  4. POLICE RESPONSES: In the event an officer determines a personal in-person response is necessary you may be asked to make contact with the officers outdoors and will be reminded to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet.      
  5. LICENSES TO CARRY FIREARMS:  The Swansea Police Department has NOT suspended the processing of licenses to carry.  We have reduced the necessity of in-station visits to process LTC applications. Please refer to our web site for further details. https://www.town.swansea.ma.us/police-department/pages/firearms-licensing
  6. REPORT REQUESTS:  If you need a copy of a police report please call dispatch at 508-674-8464.  Dispatch will prepare the copy for you and either mail it or email it at your request as soon as they have an opportunity to process it.
  7. BOAT RAMP PERMITS:  Boat ramp permits will temporarily be unavailable. 
  8. Community/Training Room:  All events previously scheduled in the community room are cancelled until further notice.  If you have a meeting or event scheduled please call to re-schedule to a later date. 
  9. STAY INFORMED:  Please visit the town’s web site  and MASS.GOV for the latest information affecting our community. 

Mission Statement                          

The members of the Swansea Police Department are committed to providing professional law enforcement services to our residents, business community, and visitors alike. In partnership with the community, we will maintain a proactive approach to the protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, and a commitment to resolve the concerns of those we serve in a timely manner.

We will strive for the Swansea Police Department to be the leading law enforcement agency - a model for others to emulate. We will hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of conduct: strive to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens and visitors, while working to improve the overall quality of life. We will ensure our residents and visitors feel safe and secure in their homes and business, while walking our streets, traveling our roadways, or in conducting their daily activities.

In accomplishing these goals, service will be our commitment, honor and integrity our mandate.



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