2021 Shellfish Permits

Shellfishing Permits for 2021 are available.  Due to the pandemic, the Town Hall is still closed to the public.  In order ahead to obtain your shellfish permit; Town Clerk's Office at 508-678-9389  ext. 2.  All your information will be taken over the phone, processed and the permit will then be available at the Town Hall for pickup.  Once you get to the Town Hall, you must again call the Town Clerk's Office and a staff member will meet you at the side door.  Please remember, you must have an up-to-date census as part of the criteria for obtaining a Shellfish Permit.  Thank you!  Diane Pelland, Town Clerk

Resident Family / Non-Resident Taxpayer Shellfish Permit  $ 50.00
Fourteen Day Non-Resident Family Shellfish Permit            $ 50.00
Senior Citizen Resident Shellfish Permit                               $ 10.00
Commercial Shellfish Fisherman's License                           $ 400.00
Commercial Junior Shellfish Fisherman' License                  $ 50.00
Non-Resident Shellfish Permit                                              $ 150.00
Duplicate License                                                                  $ 10.00
Non-resident Veteran Shellfish Permit (DD-214 is required) $ 50.00