Routine Activities that Do Not Require a Permit

Some routine activities in buffer zones may not require the approval and a permit from the Conservation Commission:

  • Mowing an existing lawn
  • Unpaved pedestrian walkway
  • Fencing, provided it does not constitute a barrier to wildlife
  • Plantings of native species of trees, shrubs, or groundcover, but excluding turf lawns. Note, there is a list of species which is now banned by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture
  • The conversion of lawn to uses accessory to residential structures such as decks, sheds, patios, and pools, provided the activity is located more than50 feet from the mean annual high-water line within the riverfront area or from bordering vegetated wetland, whichever is farther, and erosion and sedimentation controls are implemented during construction. The conversion of such uses accessory to existing single family houses to lawn is also allowed.
  • The conversion of impervious to vegetated surfaces, provided erosion and sedimentation controls are implemented during construction

Activities that are temporary in nature, have negligible impacts, and are necessary for planning and design purposes (e.g., installation of monitoring wells, exploratory borings, sediment sampling and surveying).