Public Hearing Process

After filing the NOI, the applicant will receive a Notice of the Public Hearing with the date, time and location of the public hearing. These hearings are generally conducted in the Conservation/Planning Office at 68 Stevens Rd in Swansea. Usually, the public hearings start at 7:00 pm, after the Commission’s administrative/business session.

During the course of the public hearing, the applicant will present the project to the Commission. Supporting plans, photos of existing conditions and any other information which support the application should be presented by the Applicant to the Commission. The Commission will conduct a question and answer period between the members and the applicant in order to address any outstanding concerns. The Commission will also ask for comments from abutters and others interested in the project. As part of the information needed by the Commission, it must receive a written copy of the DEP file review comment letter with the assigned number. If all of the information is not received during the first public hearing, or the Commission wishes to conduct a site visit to the property, the Commission will discuss with the applicant what additional information is needed and continue the hearing to the next hearing date.