What We Do

Our Day to Day Functions:

  • Address complaints in areas of town that may have problem animals.
  • Enforce the leash law, licensing law and other state and local regulations pertaining to animals.
  • Issue and enforce quarantines of biting animals.
  • Prepare rabies specimen for testing at the state laboratory
  • Pick up road kill that needs to be removed from the street.
  • Pick up stray animals and try to locate an owner.
  • Respond to residents’ calls, complaints, questions and concerns.
  • Handle sick or injured wildlife that may need medical attention.
  • Inspect livestock and handle animal related health issues.
  • On a daily basis, with help from volunteers we care for the animals at the shelter, including cleaning, feeding, medicating (if necessary) and exercising.
  • Work with volunteers on socialization and training of the animals, many of which have been abandoned or abused.
  • Adopt out shelter animals through the help of volunteers, the internet and other resources.