Shellfish Permits

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All Shellfish permits can be purchased at the Town Clerk's Office.

When purchasing one of the following permits, you will receive the Rules and Regulations booklet.

Resident Family/Non-Resident (Swansea)Taxpayer - $50.00  (Residents permit issued to any resident head of the household or Swansea non-resident tax payer-$500 or more annually.  The head of the family shall provide the names of all family members entitled to use said permit).

Senior Citizen Resident (65 and older) - $10.00

(Temporary Physically Incapable Persons permit holders who are, by a Medical Doctors opinion determined to be incapable of harvesting shellfish, may designate a another person to harvest their shellfish).  Doctors notes are good for 3 years.

Commercial Resident - $500.00 (Shall be issued to any resident who has in their possession a valid Commercial Fisherman Permit).

Junior resident - $50.00 (Shall be issued to any resident who has not yet attained the age of eighteen (18) when said resident files in the Town Clerk office a parent or legal guardian must be present for applicant to receive license).  Applicants must possess a valid Commercial Fisherman permit).  

Non-Resident Family - $150.00

Fourteen Day Non-Resident Family - $50.00

For further questions, please visit the Swansea Police website or call Shellfish Warden Telephone Number (508) 509-0787.