Shell Fish Information. Open / Closed Status

The Swansea Shellfish Beds in the Coles River and Lees River will remain CLOSED May Re-open 8/24/2018 . The DMZ / Deep Water BAY south of Baypoint is CLOSED and may re-open 8/24/2018 THE COLES RIVER FROM RTE 103 BRIDGE TO THE RTE 195 BRIDGE WILL BE CLOSED FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS TO ALL SHELLFISHING IN WATER AND DRY DIGGING ON THE SHORELINE DUE TO THE 2018 CONTAMINATED SHELLFISH RELAY. Shellfishing permits are available at Town Hall. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL THE SHELLFISH WARDEN AT 508-509-0787 or the Swansea Police business Line at 508-674-8464. READ THE REGULATIONS !!!
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UPDATED 06/10/18  0500 a.m.

The Swansea Shellfish Beds in the COLES Rivers and LEE'S RIVER are CLOSED AND May Re-open 8/24/2018 . THE DMZ / BAY IS CLOSED May RE-OPEN 8/24/2018  . THE COLES RIVER FROM 103 BRIDGE TO THE 195 BRIDGE WILL REMAIN CLOSED TO ALL SHELLFISHING (BOTH IN THE WATER AND DRYDIGGING ALONG THE SHORELINE) DUE TO 2018 CONTAMINATED SHELLFISH RELAY. Shellfishing Permits are now available at Town Hall. Any questions call 508-509-0787 or the Police business line at 508-674-8464 

                       CONTAMINATED RELAY AREA INFO.

COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN MUST ABIDE BY THE PRE-DETERMINED MANAGEMENT DAYS OF OPENING. See New Rules & Regulations Booklet with areas above.  RECREATIONAL SHELLFISHERS CAN SHELLFISH THESE AREAS ANY DAY THE GREEN FLAGS ARE FLYING FOR THE RIVERS. Please request a "Relay Management Card" from the warden explaing the open / closed days and sections for commercial shellfishing.

Please READ and UNDERSTAND the RULES & REGULATIONS. KNOW THE MAPS and where you can or cannot shellfish. Call 508-509-0787 with any questions. If no answer, please call Swansea PD business line at 508-674-8464 and ask for shellfish officer on duty.




Coles & 

Lees  River  Rt. 103 South 

Coles River

Rt. 103 North

Lees River  

Rt 103 North


Call Swansea Shellfish Warden / Harbormaster @  508-509-0787  for any questions


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ALL Permit Applications are available through Swansea Town Hall