Shell Fish Information. Open / Closed Status

The Swansea Shellfish Beds in the Coles & Lees Rivers are OPEN 10/6/17. The Bay area south of Bay Point Road is OPEN. Shellfishing permits are available at Town Hall. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL THE SHELLFISH WARDEN AT 508-509-0787 or the Swansea Police business Line at 508-674-8464. READ THE REGULATIONS !!!
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updated 09/20/17  @ 0500 hrs.

The Swansea Shellfish Beds in the COLES & LEES Rivers are OPEN. 10/6/17 The Bay / DMZ deep water area south of Bay Point Road is OPEN. Shellfishing Permits are now available at Town Hall. Any questions call 508-509-0787 or the Police business line at 508-674-8464

                       CONTAMINATED RELAY AREA INFO.

COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN MUST ABIDE BY THE PRE-DETERMINED MANAGEMENT DAYS OF OPENING. See New Rules & Regulations Booklet with areas above.  RECREATIONAL SHELLFISHERS CAN SHELLFISH THESE AREAS ANY DAY THE GREEN FLAGS ARE FLYING FOR THE RIVERS. Please request a "Relay Management Card" from the warden explaing the open / closed days and sections for commercial shellfishing.

Please READ and UNDERSTAND the RULES & REGULATIONS. KNOW THE MAPS and where you can or cannot shellfish. Call 508-509-0787 with any questions. If no answer, please call Swansea PD business line at 508-674-8464 and ask for shellfish officer on duty.




Coles & 

Lees  River  Rt. 103 South 

Coles River

Rt. 103 North

Lees River  

Rt 103 North


Call Swansea Shellfish Warden / Harbormaster @  508-509-0787  for any questions


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ALL Permit Applications are available through Swansea Town Hall