Health Insurance Information

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Health Insurance - The subject of health insurance can be extremely confusing.  There are so many options to choose from but how do  you know which plan is best for you?  Which  plan is the most cost effective?  The  Swansea Council on Aging offers services  that can help you navigate through this very complex subject.   


 Affordable Care Act - The Affordable  Care Act became law on March 23,  2010  and is the most significant  overhaul in  the  US health care system  since  Medicare  and Medicaid.  How do  you know if this  applies to you?  Click on the  link for more information.  The Swansea Council on  Aging provides FREE health insurance counselling through it's SHINE Program.  

Medicare Open Enrollment Period - Each  year you are allowed to review your  health  insurance plan so that you can  determine  other options that might be  best for your  individual needs.  In  addition, your current  health and/or drug  plan may be making  changes in the  coming year that will have  an impact on your coverage.  Don't miss your chance to review your options.  When do I need to act?  SOON!  Click on the link for more information.


SHINE Program - How can I get help with my health insurance?  SHINE Counsellors are available at the Swansea Council on Aging to offer one-on-one health insurance counselling to Swansea seniors.  Sessions are private and confidential.  Appointments are required and can be made by calling (508) 676-1831. Appointments during Open Enrollment should be made as soon as possible since there is increased demand.  Book your appointment early!




Were you in a donut hole last year? If so… chances are you could reach it again! If you have a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan and do not get Extra Help, you will reach that coverage gap when the total retail cost of your prescription drugs reaches $3700. Then you will pay 40% of the cost of brand name drugs and 51% for generics.  Think what that means…. a $300 brand name drug will now cost you approximately $120! This is where Prescription Advantage can help. Prescription Advantage, the Massachusetts prescription drug assistance program, can help pay for your prescription drugs when you reach the “donut hole.” Another GREAT BENEFIT of Prescription Advantage is the ability to make an ADDITIONAL CHANGE to your Part D plan outside of open enrollment or JOIN a Part D plan if you do not have one.

Contact the COA for more information or to make an appointment  with a SHINE counselor (508) 676-1831.